The Family Crimes Unit (FCU) is a Detective Division devoted to family oriented crimes. FCU Detectives have the responsibility of investigating the following:

• Spousal Abuse / Domestic Violence Cases
• Suspected child neglect cases
• Suspected child abuse cases
• Suspected child molest cases
• Missing persons (juveniles and adults) cases
• Suspected elder abuse cases

Beyond investigations, the FCU Detectives also maintain the responsibility of:

• Monitoring the sex registrants filed under §290.01 of the California Penal Code
• Updating the files of registered sex offenders
• Release information of registered sex offender as prescribed by law (maps around schools, flyers, etc.)

If you are a victim of one of these crimes and have not had a report made, call 911 or 552-2468 or file a report online.

For further information, contact the Family Crimes Unit at:

(209) 525-7074