Commissary will be scheduled as often as time allows.

Commissary order forms will be made available to all inmates in all housing areas listing the items approved for purchase. The exception is as follows:
• Inmates in a disciplinary status and who have lost their commissary privileges may only order from the special short order form.
• Inmates will be able to select as many items as described up to $50.00 worth of commissary in their possession at any one time.
• Commissary in excess of $50.00 is considered contraband.

The commissary vendor will:
• Collect the commissary forms.
• Check the shift change report to ensure that the inmate has sufficient funds to pay for the items ordered on the Commissary Order form.
• Check the booking number and correct the additions, extensions, and totals.
• Note the total amounts of each inmate sale on the Weekly Commissary Report.
• Give the Weekly Commissary Report to the Adult Detention Account Clerk.
• Place the commissary items in bags.

Deliveries will be made to one inmate at a time. The vendor will ask the inmate their name and room number. The vendor will show the contents of the bag and inventory the contents against the order form with the inmate. The vendor will remove any overages.

Upon completion of this inventory, the inmate will officially receive their commissary by signing the receipt portion of the Commissary Order Form. The vendor will compare the signatures, i.e., the signature of the inmate requesting the order with the inmate’s signature on the receiving portion of the form. If they match, the inmate will be given the bag. If they do not match, the vendor will pull the sale and immediately notify the Housing Deputy.

Should the inmate be out of the housing area for court, hospital, etc., the vendor will deliver the commissary to the Housing Deputy or Shift Sergeant, and arrange for it’s delivery to the inmate. (NOTE: Care should be taken that inmates confined at the hospital do not receive items that may not be medically allowed for that inmate’s well being).

Inmates who are on medical diets will be able to receive commissary unless their commissary privileges are specifically and individually eliminated by the Medical section. The commissary will fill all commissary requests for inmates who have medical diets unless they are on disciplinary isolation status, otherwise restricted, or the Medical section has individually restricted them from food items on commissary.

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