At any given time, the Adult Detention Division is responsible for the care and custody of over 1,300 pre-trial, sentenced, and out-of-custody inmates.  In addition to meeting the physical needs of inmates in the facilities, there are other programs such as church services, counseling, library facilities, vocational and skills workshops, educational-and recreational programs available to the inmates.  Inmates may also be eligible for the Sheriff’s Work Furlough Program. This program allows inmates to serve out their sentence while still maintaining their regular employment, thereby contributing to their family’s financial needs.

To manage the inmate population, there are two major detention centers in the county:

              AD CJ                               AD PSC                
The Men's Jail: Located at 1115 H. Street in Modesto, it is the central booking facility for male inmates.  It also is the housing locale for high-risk males, and serves as temporary detention for adult males for court. The Public Safety Center: Located at Crows Landing and Hackett Roads south of Modesto, it is the site of multiple consolidated jails for minimum, medium and maximum-security male and female inmates.  The location also has other facilities including the Sheriff's offices and the Unit 1 & 2 detention facilities.