The Government Code requires the appointment of a Sheriff's Lieutenant to head the Court Service's Bureau. In addition, the Sheriff has assigned the following personnel to this function:

1 Leiutenant, 2 Sergeants, 30 Deputies, and 6 Court Security Officers

Although the Court Security Division represents only about 10 percent of the department’s sworn strength, there are strong interrelationships with the four other services areas. Correctional Services coordinates with Court Security to insure that inmates are transported and available for court appearances. Investigative and Patrol Services provide necessary support to Court Security and appear frequently in courts to present evidence in criminal proceedings.


Specific duties of various Court Security Personnel are detailed in the Procedures Manual. Generally, the Lieutenant is responsible tor liaison between the Sheriff's Department and the Presiding Judges. The Lieutenant provides for the administration and management of the Bureau. The lieutenant oversees the preparation of the divisional budget, insures that department policies are properly interpreted, and investigates internal complaints.

The two sergeants supervise the specific areas. They provide periodic performance evaluations for employees assigned to their respective work areas. Any concerns or comments, positive or negative, may be directed to the appropriate sergeant by contacting the Court Service's Bureau in the Courthouse, (209) 236-7898.


Typically, the deputies have experience in one or more divisions of the Sheriffs Department before requesting assignment to Court Services. In addition to basic academy training, each deputy receives advanced training each year in a wide variety of job-related subjects.

When experienced deputies are transferred to Court Services from other service areas, they receive orientation and training specific to court security functions.