In 1992, the Stanislaus County Marshal’s Office merged with the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department. This merger was facilitated by Government Code Section 74784 Article 31, passed in 1992. The thirty-seven Deputy Marshals became Deputy Sheriffs and the officers were made a part of the Sheriffs Court Security Division. All officers involved in this merger were guaranteed their positions for five years. The Sheriff's Department opened all of its assignments in all divisions to officers who wanted to move to new service areas.

At the same time, the Marshal's Civil Bureau merged with the Civil Bureau of the Sheriff's Department and the Marshal was promoted to Lieutenant.

Prior to the merger, Deputy Marshals provided bailiff services for Stanislaus County Municipal Courts. Deputy Marshals reported to the Marshal which was a position appointed by the Municipal Court Judges. The Marshals relied upon the Sheriff's Department, as the larger department, for enforcement actions.

The Sheriff's Department provided bailiff services for the Stanislaus Superior Courts along with the transportation, escort, control and security for the court facilities. The Sheriff could muster personnel from other divisions during time of crisis.

The Sheriff-Marshal merger provided for a consolidation and standardization of services provided. It streamlined the administrative functions and provided a more direct and responsive means of addressing complaints and problems. On August 1, 1998 the Superior and Municipal Courts merged, providing for standardization and consolidation of court services. All courts are now Superior Courts.